This is the personal website and playground of Timothy Miller. I am a web dev, a business owner, and an avid learner. This is where I write about technology, among other things.


  1. Finding and Fixing Broken Links with BLC

    A small tutorial on how to maintain the all-so-important links on your websites.

  2. Filtering Out Politics in Feedbin

    How to control what you see in your RSS reader.

  3. Creating a Raspberry Pi NAS

    My adventure in creating my own NAS on a budget.

  4. A Superior Git Remote

    A better way to manage multiple remotes in Git.

  5. Making a Real Bonafide Plugin for 11ty

    My adventures in the land of 11ty plugins, Feedbin, and NPM.

  6. Own Your Own Feedbin Data with 11ty

    Learning how to effectively use an API with 11ty.