I am frequently asked about the hardware and software I use to do my work.

I'm always trying new things, and I change things up fairly often, so this page will be updated as time progresses. As I update things I will try to maintain a history of why I change things, as long as the updates don't make this article too long in the tooth!

If there is something missing feel free to contact me, I'm always happy to chat and help you figure out what is right for your situation.

On to the the tools!

Hat tip: heavily inspired by Wes Bos and David Sparks. Thanks guys!

Code Editing #

  • Sublime Text has been my go-to editor for a long time. I have tried the fancy new ones like VS Code and Atom, but they don't quite have the speed I'm used to in Sublime.
  • I also use Sublime Merge fairly often, even though I'm fully proficient in command line git. SM is a great tool, and I'm currently producing a set of video tutorials to get the most out of it.
  • I use Fira Code as my default font, mainly because I love ligatures. ≠ > !=
  • I use Solarized as my default theme everywhere. I use the light them if in the bright sunlight, otherwise always dark.
  • I have been using Hyper for my terminal for a while now. I think iTerm 2 is probably still superior, but I think Hyper has a ton of potential.

Desktop Apps #

  • Where to even start? One of my favorite apps ever is OmniFocus. It's a super hefty application and isn't for everyone, but it helps keep me organized while juggling dozens of different projects every week.
  • I use Toggl for tracking my time, and I still wish it had an 'e' in its name.
  • I'm a huge fan of Alfred (a Legendary Supporter, in fact) and use many different Workflows as well as the snippet management, clipboard management, etc.
  • Sketch is my best kept secret, and allows me to do decent design work super fast.
  • I have 3 different local HDDs I use for backups. I don't have a great system for this currently, but I'm working on it.
  • I also use Dropbox Plus for most files.
  • In addition, I use the Keybase filesystem for confidential information, anything that benefits from heavy encryption.
  • For password management, I use a custom solution with Pass and Keybase. I have a series about this on YouTube. It's overkill for most people, but I like it. :D
  • I'm also currently experimenting with Setapp, and I'm pretty happy with it so far. After a little while I'll report back with the apps that stick out for me.

Hardware #

  • I have a 15-inch 2017 Macbook Pro I use for everything. I went with 16GB of ram, but only a 256GB SSD, mainly so it would force me to keep my machine lean and clean, and back everything up. So far this technique has been pretty effective.
  • I mainly use my Macbook as a second display, it sits to my left on a Rain mStand.
  • For my main monitor, I use a Dell UltraSharp U2717D. Apple's external monitors have lagged behind, and this monitor matches my Macbook Pro with clarity and brightness for a fraction of the price.
  • My desk is a Jarvis Standing Desk with a bamboo top. I want to make my own top one of these days, but haven't made the time yet.
  • I sit on a Herman Miller Aeron, but I'm currently considering switching. The one I have doesn't have adjustable arms, which turned out to be a big mistake. More details on that later.
  • Update: I now sit on a Steelcase Gesture. It was a big investment, but I love it. The arms are easily adjustable, which has helped me fix my shoulder pain, as well as my wrist pain.
  • I’ve had issues with wrist pain from using a mouse, so now I use a Kensington Expert Trackball Mouse, which works well for me.
  • I am becoming more and more of a mechanical keyboard guy, and I currently use an Ergonomic Keyboardio with a Colemak layout. I think this is the single most valuable purchase I've ever made, because it has seemingly singlehandedly fixed my wrist pain. Way cheaper than wrist surgery, and better in the long run too.

I often times work out of coffee shops and co-working spaces, so I keep a couple of things in my backpack for that:

Video Work #

  • I use ScreenFlow for recording and editing.
  • My mic is a Shure MV5. One of these days I'm going to upgrade, but this does the job for now.
  • I use a Sony a5100 Mirrorless Camera for my videos. Allows me to get depth of field and a decent resolution for pretty cheap. My wife and I also take it out and use it as a camera!

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