This is the personal website and playground of Timothy Miller. I am a web dev, a business owner, and an avid learner. This is where I write about technology, among other things.


  1. The Many Faces of Obsidian

    How Obsidian has become my personal operating system, and increased my productivity ten times.

  2. The Best Way to Install Apps on Linux

    Installing apps on Linux can be unnecessarily difficult. Here’s how to make it easy!

  3. Cleaning Up Consumption

    How I started creating and learning ten times more than ever before.

  4. My Favorite Thing about Obsidian

    How and why Obsidian has revolutionized my life in the last year.

  5. Stop Using the Padding Hack

    Adapting to new CSS principles in 2022.

  6. Looking into Linux Phones

    Are they useable in 2022?