Welcome to the archive! Below you can see a list of all longer-form posts I've written on this site.


  1. Broken but beautiful

    A short and biased history of the internet.

  2. Setapp - worth it? Initial thoughts.

    Initial thoughts from a long-time Mac user, first-time Setapp user

  3. When hiring an agency

    How to hire an agency that will give you success

  4. One Year Young

    Celebrating the anniversary of my company

  5. Reduce Motion in Background Videos

    A simple fix for quick moving background videos.

  6. Setapp - One Month In

    A continuation in my series on Setapp

  7. Implementing Dark Mode from the Beginning

    How I tackled adding dark mode to my site

  8. Moment.js Without the Dependencies

    Building easily understood dates without a library

  9. Iterating in JavaScript

    A short list of a few different ways to iterate in JS.

  10. NEJSConf — 2019!

    My notes from the last event from this great industry conference.

  11. My Experience with RSIs

    My history with RSIs.

  12. Leveling Up with BetterTouchTool

    The start of a new series on working smarter, not harder.

  13. Creating Worry-Free Keyboard Shortcuts with the “Hyper” Key

    Continuind my series on keyboard shortcuts.

  14. Killing Cmd-Tab. Your Path to Better Application Switching

    Continuing my series on BTT.

  15. Getting (back!) into RSS

    Benefits and trials with an old friend.

  16. You Are Being Tracked

    Testing out a new privacy-conscious traffic tracker.

  17. Hand Coding a Line Spirograph

    A fun little experiment using SVG and CSS.

  18. CSS4

    Contributing to the CSS4 drama!

  19. Switching to an Ergonomic Colemak Keyboard

    Answers to the questions I had before I switched.

  20. Own Your Own Feedbin Data with 11ty

    Learning how to effectively use an API with 11ty.

  21. Making a Real Bonafide Plugin for 11ty

    My adventures in the land of 11ty plugins, Feedbin, and NPM.

  22. A Superior Git Remote

    A better way to manage multiple remotes in Git.

  23. Creating a Raspberry Pi NAS

    My adventure in creating my own NAS on a budget.

  24. Filtering Out Politics in Feedbin

    How to control what you see in your RSS reader.

  25. Finding and Fixing Broken Links with BLC

    A small tutorial on how to maintain the all-so-important links on your websites.

  26. Six HTML5 Elements I Should Use More

    An investigation into the lesser-known corners of HTML5.

  27. Adding a Changelog to My 11ty Blog

    My quest to cheapen a brilliant idea

  28. Killing Ctrl-Tab: Better App Switching on Linux

    Improving life on Linux.

  29. Advanced Window Management in Linux

    My exploration of the awesome window manager.

  30. How to fix Screen Tearing in Linux

    My slightly frustrating experience with Nvidia GPUs.

  31. How to Fix Broken RSS Feeds

    Dealing with the frustration of partial (or no) RSS feeds.

  32. I’m done with LocalWP

    My experiments with WordPress dev environments.

  33. How Apple Broke my Heart

    I used to love Apple. Now I loathe them. Here’s why.

  34. BIG updates to my uses page

    How my tools have changed since switching to Linux.

  35. Keeping up a writing habit

    My new system for creating more than I ever thought possible.

  36. Looking into Linux Phones

    Are they useable in 2022?

  37. Stop Using the Padding Hack

    Adapting to new CSS principles in 2022.

  38. My Favorite Thing about Obsidian

    How and why Obsidian has revolutionized my life in the last year.

  39. Cleaning Up Consumption

    How I started creating and learning ten times more than ever before.

  40. The Best Way to Install Apps on Linux

    Installing apps on Linux can be unnecessarily difficult. Here’s how to make it easy!

  41. The Many Faces of Obsidian

    How Obsidian has become my personal operating system, and increased my productivity ten times.

  42. Breaking my Keyboard: A lesson in moving too fast

    The tale of how I destroyed my beloved mechanical keyboard.

  43. Google Analytics is Dead

    How Google is killing their flagship product, and what you can do about it.

  44. Fixing my Keyboard

    The Thrilling Conclusion to Part 1: Breaking my Keyboard

  45. The Five Golden Rules of Coffee Brewing

    How to make a great cup of coffee at home.

  46. Math is Fast Counting

    Should we all go back to math class?

  47. Adventures in Phoneland - the LightPhone

    The beginning of my journey to find a better phone.

  48. On CSS and Codeblocks

    PSA: Do NOT display: block your codeblocks.